Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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STMicroelectronics launches Edge AI Suite to help companies transform their products

STMicroelectronics is introducing its comprehensive ecosystem offer for companies to transform their products with edge AI. The announcement of the ST Edge AI Suite, an integrated set of software tools free-to-use with ST hardware, takes the offer to customers one step further, enabling them to jumpstart the design and deployment of billions of connected, autonomous things embedding artificial intelligence locally. The ST Edge AI Suite will simplify the development of customers’ AI solutions exploiting ST’s broad range of hardware (general-purpose and automotive microcontrollers and microprocessors, smart sensors) and related tools for embedded AI optimizations. It will expand and integrate the multiple software tools, evaluation, and development kits introduced over the past 10 years, while leveraging the existing AI ecosystem of machine learning (ML) frameworks and key partners (such as Nvidia and AWS).

“We are moving towards a world with tens of billions of connected, autonomous things bringing value and convenience to their users throughout all aspects of consumer life and enterprise productivity. To achieve this, AI algorithms will need to be run both in the cloud and on-device, at the edge across a broad range of devices: smartphones and connected personal devices, smart home and building control systems, industrial machines, cars and many more,” said Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics. “ST products are already at the core of all those devices, but it is their combination with the industry-leading, free software suite we are announcing today that will make the difference. This combination will enable the transition to a more intelligent edge, empowering customers of any size to deploy edge AI more easily and build their vision of this connected future leveraging ST’s hardware portfolio.”

A preview of the ST Edge AI suite capabilities was presented today at ST’s online Edge AI Summit. ST’s industry-leading offer will empower embedded developers who want to create optimized machine learning models, data scientists who want to run their model on an embedded device, and product designers and creators who want to redefine product greatness.

With free access, ST will enable customers large and small, pooling resources and knowledge into a community-driven approach. The Suite will further enable this transformation by federating the tools and their users around a broader edge AI community.

The first release of the ST Edge AI suite will be available in the first half of 2024.

Vishnu Jaishankar
Vishnu Jaishankarhttps://chipquip.com
Vishnu is a tech journalist with expertise in technology and sustainability. He delivers insightful coverage on AI, cybersecurity, semiconductors and chips manufacturing, startups, and digital transformation.
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