Micron drives high impact social program in Singapore

Micron Technology, Inc. , announced its partnership with Blossom Seeds, a Singapore-based, senior support non-profit, and Sembawang Central Grassroots Organisations to launch the Micron Kampong initiative. This first-of-its-kind corporate social responsibility program aims to provide support and companionship for Sembawang Central’s seniors to stay healthy and socially connected.

Driven by a shared vision of building Singapore’s social compact towards a more connected and inclusive community, the Micron Kampong project will involve Micron team members serving as befriending volunteers, engaging with seniors who live alone and face a significant risk of social isolation. Over the span of a 9-12 month pilot program, Micron Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) will organize quarterly events to foster meaningful interactions. These engagements will range from home visits to festive outings such as holiday parties, to help seniors continue to integrate with the community, interact and look out for one another. The program also encourages the seniors to volunteer as a way to contribute back to the community.

To support this initiative, Micron hosted fundraising activities during its flagship Charity Week and Family Day 2023. The Micron Foundation matched every dollar raised by team members during these events, reinforcing its dedication to making a substantial impact on the lives of seniors. These fundraising efforts, along with the new Micron Kampong initiative, spotlight Micron’s belief in shared responsibility and collective action in our communities to develop stronger social cohesion.

Mr. Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Health and Grassroots Adviser to Sembawang GRC GROs and the guest of honor at the launch event, commented, “Sembawang GRC is strongly supporting the Government’s and Ministry of Health’s national initiative to help our seniors live actively and healthily in the community.  To do so, we will need the help of many partners, to look for seniors that would benefit from the program, befriend them, and organize regular activities for them. I am glad that Micron stepped forward to offer its help. This is a very meaningful example of corporate volunteerism that will make a very positive impact on the lives of our seniors. Many thanks to Micron!”

“We empower all Micron team members to strengthen their local communities through giving and volunteerism programs, and this collaboration is one of the ways we can create a lasting social impact in Singapore,” said Mr. Chen Kok Sing, corporate vice president and Singapore country manager, Micron Technology and Board Member of Micron Foundation. “Our goal is to create a more inclusive society where seniors can be involved and make a difference, so they do not feel left behind in today’s fast-paced world.”

“We have been partnering with Micron since 2019 to help seniors in need, and we are grateful for their ongoing support,” said Mr. Aw Cheow Thiam, Chairman of Blossom Seeds. “Through the Micron Kampong program, Micron’s employees can better understand the challenges faced by seniors and the importance of providing support and companionship to them. At the same time, our seniors will benefit from the social interaction and engagement that the Micron volunteers provide.”

Mr. Goh Peng Hong, BBM, Chairman of Sembawang Central Citizens’ Consultative Committee, also expressed his support for this collaboration adding that, “We are dedicated to ensuring our seniors feel like they belong and are happy. We aim to create a lively and compassionate community where seniors can live happy lives, make friends and receive assistance.”

I am happy to have volunteers coming to visit and share about the upcoming senior activities near my estate with me regularly. In addition, these volunteers have also helped me in addressing some of my concerns, e.g. sharing with me the correct authorities when I have problems. This initiative has indeed benefitted many elderlies like me who is staying alone, said Nellie Seah, one of the seniors attending Micron Kampong Launch.