Toshiba, Sojitz and CBMM Unveil an Ultra-Fast Charging Electric Bus Prototype

Toshiba Corporation and Sojitz Corporation of Japan, and Brazil’s CBMM, the world’s leading producer of niobium, have completed development of a next generation lithium-ion battery that uses niobium titanium oxide (NTO) in the anode. They today held an opening ceremony and unveiled a prototype E-bus powered with the new battery, which realizes an ultra-fast charge time of around 10 minutes and delivers high energy density. The bus has started testing and demonstration operations at CBMM’s industrial plant in Araxá, Brazil.

This marks the world’s first operation* of a prototype e-vehicle powered by a lithium-ion battery with NTO anodes, further paving the way to battery commercialization. The three companies will continue to work together to maximize the use of their respective technologies and knowledge, toward launching the next-generation lithium-ion battery with NTO anode in the global market in Spring 2025.