Rohde & Schwarz launches high power RF amplifier for test applications

13 kW output across broad spectrum

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in test and measurement and trusted partner for EMC turnkey solutions, has extended its proven R&S®BBA130 RF amplifier range with new, higher power versions offering 6500 W, 9500 W and 13,000 W. Designed for high-intensity radiated field (HIRF) test applications, the amplifiers offer saturated power of up to 13 kW covering frequencies from 80 MHz to 1 GHz.

HIRF testing is performed in the aviation and defense industry. Lightning strikes or radar pulses can briefly expose aircraft and vehicles to very strong electromagnetic fields. EMC standards, like MIL-STD-464 and RTCA DO-160, define the respective test procedures and test setups, requiring electromagnetic fields of several kV/m

The solid-state amplifiers are characterized by excellent linearity, robustness against mismatch, and high reliability. The unique functionality of the R&S®BBA130 amplifier allows the user to optimize transmission characteristics for specific applications. The operating point of the transistors can be shifted between Class A and Class AB to optimize performance for different types of input signals. It is also possible to tailor the mismatch tolerance, allowing more RF power to be generated under well-matched conditions.

“HIRF testing is an essential step in the qualification of safety critical products, not least in the aviation industry,” said Martin Wolf, Director of Product Management for Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “Test-labs performing comprehensive tests rely on the accuracy and reliability of the power amplification. We have taken our proven R&S®BBA130 amplifier and developed this new, high-powered version to meet this demand.”