Renesas DA14695MOD multi-Core Bluetooth 5.2 module for feature-rich applications

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the DA14695MOD multi-core Bluetooth® 5.2 module from Renesas Electronics. Based on the SmartBond™ DA14695 Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) system-on-chip (SoC), the multi-core Bluetooth module brings together an Arm® Cortex®-M33 application processor with a floating-point unit, a cryptographic security engine, and advanced power management. The DA14659MOD module supports the development of advanced user interfaces and feature-rich applications, including beacons, proximity tags, low-power sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and industrial applications.

The Renesas DA14695MOD multi-core Bluetooth 5.2 module features an optimized programmable sensor node controller, allowing sensor node operations and data acquisition without CPU intervention. Boasting seven power domains for power consumption efficiency, the DA14695’s advanced power management unit enables it to run on primary and secondary batteries and power external devices through an integrated SIMO DC-DC controller. The module integrates all passives, an antenna, and a 32Mbit QSPI FLASH, as well as a wide range of both standard and advanced peripherals. The devices’ integrated JEITA-compliant USB charger allows the modules to natively charge rechargeable batteries.

The DA14695MOD Module is supported by the DA14695MOD-00DEVKT-P SmartBond™ Dev Kit Pro. Featuring a hardware-loaded development board with an onboard debugger, the Dev Kit Pro supports software development, testing and debugging for applications including wearable devices, automotive solutions, and consumer electronics. The DA14695MOD-00DEVKT-P SmartBond Dev Kit Pro includes a development toolchain, source code examples, and detailed documentation.

To learn more about the DA14695MOD Multi-Core Bluetooth 5.2 Module, visit.

To learn more about the DA14695MOD-00DEVKT-P SmartBond Dev Kit Pro, visit.