Mouser Electronics provides an extensive range of products from Würth Elektronik in its catalog

Mouser Electronics is an authorized global distributor for Würth Elektronik, a leading manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry. Mouser’s partnership with Würth Elektronik supports Mouser customers in the development of solutions for automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), monitoring, and thermal management applications.

Mouser stocks more than 15,000 different products from Würth Elektronik, with more than 19,000 part numbers available to order. High-performance Würth Elektronik products include a wide range of automotive products with AEC-Q200 qualification. Würth Elektronik’s automotive product offering includes EMC components, power magnetics, and RF inductors with AEC-Q200 qualifications, as well as SMT spacers with IATF 16949-certified production.

Thermal management solutions from Würth Elektronik improve the reliability of electronic devices by preventing components from overheating. Thermal management products include gap filler pads, conductive insulator pads, and thermal transfer tape. These components reduce e-waste and prevent overheating by providing a path for heat energy or spreading the heat over a larger dissipation area.

The Würth Elektronik wireless connectivity and sensor products deliver seamless wireless connectivity for a variety of applications, including wireless sensor networks, monitoring and control, IoT, and smart home applications. Würth Elektronik’s wireless connectivity solutions include Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, GNSS, M-Bus, and proprietary standards. The sensor portfolio includes absolute pressure, differential pressure, 3-axis acceleration, and temperature sensors.

Würth Elektronik’s WR-WST REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connectors are solderless, reversible direct plug-in connectors for signal transmission, programming, and debugging applications. The connectors feature PCB-Side SKEDD direct plug-in technology, as well as an insulation displacement connection.

Mouser has also collaborated with Würth Elektronik to create an eBook as a resource for design engineers. In Behind the Mystery of Electromagnetic Compatibility Design, experts from Würth Elektronik provide technical insights into avoiding electromagnetic disturbances and maintaining signal and power integrity.