Fractal’s Flyfish: a Generative AI sales platform for consultative customer experiences

Fractal, a global provider of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics solutions to entities including Fortune 500® companies, today announced the launch of Flyfish – the first-ever 360-degree generative AI platform for digital sales, which provides consultative experiences via intuitive sales advisors. The platform transforms digital sales by analysing an individual’s buying patterns, purchase history and preferences to create a personalized shopping experience that increases revenue and builds loyalty. Flyfish’s data-driven approach understands what consumers are looking for instantly and can guide them to the right products digitally, while still feeling like a human interaction.

“We envision the future of sales as building meaningful customer relationships based on a deep understanding of consumers’ unique needs and preferences,” stated Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-Founder, Group Chief Executive, and Vice Chairman of Fractal. “Flyfish’s true power lies in its seamless integration into an organizations’ sales processes, its ability to train on specific product data, and its power to deliver custom user experiences. As our latest innovation, Flyfish holds tremendous potential to make a significant impact across various industries.”

Working with Flyfish is easy and efficient. Businesses can quickly begin by syncing product catalogs, marketing collateral, and other relevant data, seamlessly connecting Flyfish with their CRM or other systems. Within the platform, a company can easily configure, train, and create an AI Sales Advisor in a matter of minutes using Flyfish Domain Models. Thorough testing ensures optimal performance before launching the AI Sales Advisor across preferred digital channels, and the continuous analysis of customer interactions and sales data is made possible through customizable analytics dashboards, allowing for the collection of valuable insights and data.

“Sales is an interaction intensive and conversationally demanding space that requires a strong understanding of context and nuance. It was our goal to build an experience similar to a personal shopper or product specialist when designing the Platform. In developing Flyfish, we have been able to create a hyper-personalized customer journey that mimics human interaction and rich product consultancy,” said Shridhar Marri, CEO and Founder of Flyfish. “Flyfish disrupts the way brands sell on digital channels, and we are seeing significant early momentum across industries such as e-commerce, retail, CPG, and financial services.”

Flyfish combines a range of powerful capabilities, integrating smoothly with existing marketing tech stacks and effectively handling structured & unstructured data. It also simplifies checkouts and integrates human consultants, providing a comprehensive solution that doesn’t replace human staff, but creates new roles and management flows. With its unique combination of features and ability to deliver a consultative sales experience, Flyfish stands as the unparalleled platform across industry verticals.

“Flyfish enables brands to create high touch experiences at scale in all digital channels preferred by their audiences, including web, mobile, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Apple Business Chat & WhatsApp. Flyfish has taken extensive measures to safeguard sensitive customer data and does not compromise data privacy and security,” said Neeraj Tripathi, Chief Product Officer of Flyfish.