AIZEN Global and Grab forge a partnership in mobility finance


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AIZEN Global, a leading player in AI-powered financial services, has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app. This dynamic collaboration is set to revolutionize the emerging realm of e-mobility finance, aligning with Grab’s ambitious plans to introduce approximately 50,000 electric motorcycle by 2024.

Grab’s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle (EV) fleet is a pivotal stride towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly mobility landscape. In support of this eco-conscious initiative, AIZEN Global will provide EV financing through a collaborative agreement on mobility data and AI finance, leveraging its “EV CreditConnect” service.

What sets AIZEN Global’s “EV CreditConnect” service apart is its ability to streamline credit decisions for financial institutions, fostering quick and efficient lending processes. This paves the way for the swift provision of financial services to Grab’s drivers, empowering them to transition to electric vehicles and contribute to a greener future.

Damien Ngai, Head of AIZEN Indonesia, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its significance for the development of eco-conscious financial services in Indonesia’s e-mobility sector. He stated, “This collaboration between AIZEN and Grab is focused on delivering the necessary financial services for the advancement of eco-friendly finance in the Indonesian e-mobility industry. We are confident that our joint efforts will elevate business synergies and nurture a more sustainable financial ecosystem.”

AIZEN Global’s “EV CreditConnect” plays a pivotal role in bridging the burgeoning e-mobility sector with financial institutions in Indonesia and Vietnam, thus catalyzing data-driven economic growth. As a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), AIZEN Global boasts around 160 global patents in mobility AI finance. Moreover, it has earned the distinction of being recognized as a responsible AI enterprise by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

This partnership reflects the commitment of both AIZEN Global and Grab to promoting environmentally responsible finance while advancing the broader landscape of e-mobility in Southeast Asia. It marks a significant step towards achieving more sustainable and accessible transportation options for the region.


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