AI-first innovations for Roland-Garros

Infosys in partnership with the French Tennis Federation (FFT), today unveiled several AI-first innovations for Roland-Garros 2024, marking a pivotal evolution in the sixth year of their partnership. Leveraging Infosys Topaz, an AI-first set of services, solutions, and platforms using generative AI technologies, the new feature set will enhance the RG digital experience for fans, players, coaches, and the media. Beyond the set of existing innovations such as AI Assisted Journalism, AI Videos, and Match Centre, the following new experiences are slated to be launched this year.

  • RG Gen AI Poster Challenge – The RG Gen AI Poster Challenge features on the Roland-Garros digital properties and enables fans to create their artistic renditions of the iconic RG Posters using Generative AI. It brings alive the unique history of RG with modern technology. Fans will also be able to vote for their favorite poster; and winners will be awarded tickets for the RG 2025 edition.

  • AI Bracket Challenge – The AI Bracket Challenge introduces a gamified layer to the Roland-Garros experience, inviting fans to engage in predictive gameplay by forecasting match outcomes throughout the tournament. It also features an AI powered auto predict feature that fans can leverage to help complete their brackets. The feature adds a competitive and immersive element to the tournament experience, with winners slated to get access to 2025 match tickets.

  • New Symbol Room in RG’s Infosys 3D Art Museum – The newly introduced Symbol Room in the Infosys 3D Art Museum enriches the virtual visitor experience by providing a digital showcase of iconic symbols and moments from Roland-Garros history. This room, accessible through the RG website, features high-resolution 3D scans of memorabilia, interactive exhibits, and detailed narratives that bring the tournament’s storied past to life.

  • Split Screen Analysis in Players Portal – The enhanced Split Screen Analysis tool in the Players Portal offers a sophisticated analytical platform designed specifically for players and coaches. By providing side-by-side video comparisons and real-time performance analytics, this tool helps users dissect and understand gameplay nuances. Players can review their performances, compare them with past games or those of their opponents, and receive tailored feedback generated through AI-driven insights. This analysis supports strategic planning and training, allowing players to adapt their techniques and strategies based on detailed, data-backed evaluations.

Sumit Virmani, EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Infosys, said, “The AI-first initiatives deployed at this year’s Roland-Garros exemplify our commitment to not just enhancing the game using cutting edge technologies, but transforming how fans, players, and the media experience it. By leveraging our industry-leading, AI-suite of offerings, Infosys Topaz, we are proud to preserve the tournament’s heritage while pushing the boundaries of application of AI and digital technology in sports.”

Stephane Morel, CEO, FFT, said, “Our partnership with Infosys has been instrumental in integrating AI technology at Roland-Garros, setting a new standard for how major sporting events can engage with digital innovation to enhance global fan engagement and player performance.”

Off court, Infosys and FFT continue a successful STEM program that will engage 30 students from Gerson School in Paris, providing them with firsthand learning experiences at Roland-Garros. Students will visit Roland-Garros and take part in dedicated workshops with tech experts from Infosys, aimed at helping them develop an understanding about how technology is used in tennis, further bridging the gap between technology and practical education.

The tournament runs from 20th May 2024 to 9th June 2024. To experience the latest digital innovations, visit